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Easter Brunch  

10:30am - 2pm, $40/adult, $15/child

Smoked Salmon Crêpe lemon crème fraiche, traditional garnish
Chicken Crêpe spinach, grapes, walnuts
Quiche seasonal vegetables, mixed green salad, balsamic
Lyonnaise Salad Frisee, poached egg, bacon

Frittata seasonal vegetables, sauce choron
Steak Benedict poached egg, root vegetable hash, horseradish hollandaise
Fish of the day Spanish chorizo, capers, brown butter, potato, fennel slaw
Pork belly Tomato compote, pickled onion, tomato compote, mustard aioli

Chocolate banana, honey
French toast bread pudding maple syrup, mascarpone
Apple Cinnamon, Pecan
Oatmeal custard Fresh berries, Almond


Egg Any Style bacon, potato
Chicken Fingers French fries, ketchup, honey mustard
Grilled Cheese brioche, French Fries

Milk and cookies chocolate chip cookies, vanilla iced milk
Brownie vanilla ice cream, caramel




Serbian Wine Dinner


May 22nd 2014, 6:30 / $70 per person

1st course

Prawn- Green Curry, Peanut, Asian Herbs

Wine: Francuska Vinarija, Poema, 2009

2nd Course

Squab- Morels, Spring Garlic, Buckwheat

Wine: Francuska Vinarija, Istina Rouge, 2009

3rd Course

Bison- Strawberry, English Pea, Ramps

Wine: Francuska Vinarija, Obecanje , 2009

4th Course

Almond- Rhubarb, Mascarpone, Citrus

Wine:Francuska Vinarija, Istina Blanc , 2009




Chef Motto offers two tasting menus to all of our guests. Each guest is welcome to our five course tasting menu for $75 per guest. Chef will take into account any dietary restrictions and/or strong likes/dislikes and prepare five courses of his choosing for you and your guests.

An exclusive five-course wine tasting menu is available to accompany the custom tasting menu, and is offered for an additional $25 per guest.


The Grand Chef Tasting is the other option for those who'd like a leisurely stroll through the gastronomical concoctions of Chef Motto. Chef will prepare 7 to 9 courses of his choosing, also taking into account any dietary restrictions and the like for $130 per guest.

An exclusive wine tasting menu is available to accompany the grand chef tasting, and is offered for an additional $40 per guest.

If you are interested in a tasting menu, we kindly ask that every guest at the table participate. We are happy to accomodate several different dietary restrictions and/or preferences, but we'd like to make sure that all guests receive the same number of courses. It's greatly appreciated that you reference your interest in a tasting menu upon making your reservation. Thank you.  

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